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Lip Stain (Set of 2)

GelMoment Lip Stains provide up to 12 hours of beautiful lip colour and definition! The unique fine point tip makes it easy to apply with precision. Our state-of-the-art colour formula is water-resistant, smudge-proof, light in texture and long-lasting. Unlike traditional lipstick or gloss, the GelMoment Lip Stain penetrates the skin on your lips, allowing the colour to look and feel naturally beautiful all day–or night–long, without any need for touchups.

To Apply:

Outline the lips using the tip of the Lip Stain, then fill in. Allow the colour to penetrate the skin and dry completely. Lip balm or gloss may be added over top, if desired. (Not included.) To remove or to fix any mistakes, use any waterproof-makeup remover or micellar water, or simply allow the Lip Stain to remain on your lips and gradually fade.

This set of 2 includes your choices of: Crème de Caramel, Urban Myth, Loving Hue, A Mauve Story

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Creme de Caramel
Urban Myth
Loving Hue
A Mauve Story
Pink Karma
Silk Chiffon